Aren’t there too many social networks ? We have so many ways to communicate now between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tadaa, Pinterest, Tumblr …

Where do I have to put my latest pictures ? My liked links ? Publish my personal thoughts ? And what about my corporate communication ?

Each social service has its own strength and weaknesses. Each services has its own app. Some “talk” to each other, but not all, and not in the same way.

I dream of a single, unified, app that would let me choose under what identity I want to post (private or corporate) and to what service.

I guess I’ll just have to keep juggling between apps for a while … :-)



A new medical sensor can be powered by remote vibrations—especially those found in hip-hop. Grab your insurance card and head immediately to the nearest car stereo installation center. Dr. Dre will see you now.

Booming System Monitors Your Health With Sick Beats 

Source : fastcoexist.com

Like cats and dogs … :-)